Book Reviews

"It has been my privilege to know 'Duff' and his 'folks' as their veterinarian and friend. Through this unique dialogue, Gary has truly captured and conveyed the meaningful impact of the human-animal bond that is all encompassing. This tale will certainly touch the heart of dog lovers of all ages."

—Dr. Roger Mahr, Past President,
American Veterinary Medical Association

"Loved the story of Duffy, an intrepid rescued terrier who survived a harrowing start in life to find a wonderful home. Duff's observations about his people and life with them are incisive and poignant, told with a wry sense of humor. The love and affection he had for his 'folks' shines through each page."

—Lisa LaVerdiere, Executive Director,
Home for Life Animal Sanctuary

“Read this book and you’ll fall in love — with Duffy, with Rex, and with all the vital life lessons you never realized a dog could offer.”

— Jeffrey Zaslow, coauthor, The Last Lecture

"Duffy: The Tale of a Terrier has been selected as Editors Choice for Fiction/Pets out of hundreds of submissions. Highlighted Titles of IP is where we recognize the best of the newly released, independently published titles received and reviewed by our editorial staff. These books are honored each month for exhibiting superior levels of creativity, originality, and high standards of design and production quality. You can find the listing at"

— Independent Publisher Online Magazine

"Duffy may have had a rough start in life, but his luck changed the day his folks came to the shelter to meet him. It's hard to say who was luckiest - Duff for landing in "heaven on earth" - or his folks, for experiencing the joy of opening their hearts to the boy who would always be first. "Duffy" made me laugh, cry and wonder why Tucker has not written home . . . yet."

— Rachel McCarthy

Thank you for sharing Duffy: The Tale of a Terrier with our team here at Natural Balance. What a fun read—a story written straight from the heart of someone who truly loves animals. My favorite chapter was “The Ten Best (And Worst) Things About Being A Dog.” Duffy reminds us to live in the moment every day, as though it could be our last. We wish you the best of luck and hope to see it on bookshelves soon!

-- Danielle Stainton, Brand Coordinator
Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc.